My Family

My Family

Friday, January 9, 2009

Project Child Smiles

I made this one for his mom, Lacey.

I got signed up with this charity called Project Child Smiles, and it's pretty awesome. You get paired up with a child who has a debilitating disease or disorder, and send them stuff for their birthdays, and holidays and days in between. For my newest child, I'm just making some collages for now. He's a sweet boy named Jaxson, 3 yrs old.

This is an excerpt from his mother's page:

"Jax was born with AV canal defect and PDA, with pulmonary hypertension. He has had three heart surgeries so far and he suffered a devastating hypoxic brain injury. He was unable to come off the ventilator for almost 4 months. He has paralized vocal cords from being intubated so many times and severe reflux."

Doing this charity has added bonuses. It makes a child and their family smile, and it makes me feel good.

So if you or someone you know, is an artist and can lend their talents to this great cause, tell them to sign up! I signed up through myspace, but I don't know how you can do it if you don't have one. So just message me, i guess and I'll get her email address for you.


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